My Weekly Meal: Misty + Mexican

NOTE: As a woman who gets paid to brand and rebrand, I decided (the other morning in the car without a sip of coffee, so this could be good or bad idea) to rebrand this blog a bit and institute a weekly post : My Weekly Meal. Each post will highlight a great meal I ate that week, whether it’s at home or out and about in the world. Just go with it, and I promise to post weekly. Mkay. Let’s get started.

“I’m gonna eat some Ramen or maybe that turkey sandwich for dinner tonight.” I said, out the blue. We were at Dillard University waiting for the fantastic Misty Copeland, ballerina soloist with the American Ballet Theater, to speak about her life and her desire to make sure every brown girl in the world knows her greatness. I’ve been a huge fan of Misty since she came on the ballet scene because:

1. I used to be a brown ballerina.

2. Her ability to tune out the haters and naysayers is admirable.

Misty and I being cool. I wore a bun and stretched in case she wanted to see my ballet skills.

“Well, I’m cooking something tonight.” Shandy replied. I gave her the “A LARGE?! YOU GOT MONEEEEEY” girl face.

“What you cooking? Wait. Don’t tell me. I wanna be surprised.” I said, after thanking God for Shandy and her cooking skills. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that Shandy can tear down in the kitchen. In fact, every meal that I’ve ever devoured from Shandy has been amazing. So, my joy for a new meal was spilling over, and combined with my excitement re: meeting Misty, I was a jumping Mexican bean.

And this was my reaction to the meal Shandy cooked. I’m giving Spike Lee a run for his money.


She recreated a dish that Chili’s serves, starting with black beans then adding Mexican rice, a fresh and tender chicken breast, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and fresh jalepenos. I won’t say anymore except I cleaned my plate. Like, finger swiping the plate to get every last bite and drip of black beans. I’ve already tried to turn this into a breakfast, lunch and dinner meal.


When the meal was over, I settled on the sofa with Misty’s new book in hand and relished in the delight of a good, graceful night. Enjoy this video of Misty being a boss in an Under Armour commercial, because ballet is a sport (despite what stupid boys say.)




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