Outdoor Drinking: Carefree Black Girl Style

The moment when you’re sitting on the steps of your apartment or on patio furniture with your sunglasses on and the condensation from your glass drips on your bare thigh because you’re free in your sundress…that’s the moment where happiness lives. Outdoor drinking is truly one of my favorite hobbies and it’s one of the few things I can do very well.

One of my favorite things to drink outside is a fresh and fruity sangria. And guess who happens to be an expert at making the best sangria?

This gal here.


Me. Day drinking outside. See? I told you I do this well.

I first made my “Carefree Summer Sangria” (I actually just came up with that name, I’m so clever) for my parents’ 60th birthday party and it was a HIT! I’ve changed my recipe, but the feeling of drinking a glass of my citrus and peach sangria remains the same. So, for all those who’d like to take a chance at making it for your summer party, here’s the recipe!

My sangria!

My sangria!

Carefree Summer Sangria

– one large bottle of Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio

– two oranges

– one lime

– two cans of sliced peaches (juice included)

– one bottle of white grape juice

– 1/2 can of Sanpellegrino Sparkling orange drink

– A splash (or if you’re down for having a little fun, MORE) of rum or brandy

– sugar
Add in order:

1. wine, peaches (with juice) and white grape juice

2. oranges and limes

3. sugar (to taste)
4. rum or brandy
5. Sanpellegrino prior to serving
STIR and SERVE and TWERK. And listen to the official Carefree Black Girl Playlist for the summer here while sipping and takin’ over for the 99 and the 2000.



P.S. This week was exceptionally exciting for me because

1. I’m going to NYC this weekend for a PRSA conference!

2. I was featured on the fabulous A Little Happy lifestyle blog in the first “New Orleans Ladies” series! The amazing Dominique Ellis captured all my fabulousness in this one photo that I cannot stop looking at! Click here to check out my post!



OK, cheers for realz,

Angie Bae Bae


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