Game Night at The Burg

I’m sorry.

This is how I feel about not having the time to write a blog post.

This is how I feel about not having the time to write a blog post.

It’s been months since my last post and frankly, I’m sorry. Between the job, writing, not getting into grad school, paying student loans, cutting my hair off, getting braids AND trying to stay fly in the meantime, I just didn’t have the time or energy to dedicate to this precious little blog I started a year ago.

So, here’s the good news, this post is fun. It’s all about our first Game Night at The Burg. It all came about when we wanted to play Taboo and then next thing we knew, we had pizza and sliders and peach mint tea and spinach dip and Starbursts.

It was a great night of fun and dancing, as we never got to Taboo because we were so consumed with Rock Band and Hip Hop Dance Moves. The best part of the whole night (which I found remarkable): we didn’t consume one drop of liquor.

Check out the pics of the fun we had and stay tuned for more posts…when I feel like it 🙂



Angie Bae Bae


My Peach Mint Tea!


So folks know what they’re getting into!


Shandy’s Spinach Dip!


Alex plays MJ Experience like she’s auditioning for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.


And Whitney, practicing her best pelvic thrust to the tunes of the late Michael Jackson.


Alex and the sliders she begged Shandy to cook.


What’s a party without chips and salsa, papi?!


The guitarist of the Whitty Huton Wuld Toor.


The House Band for the “Ladies of Burg” reality show.


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