Lick My Persuasion

“How many of you think love is the most complicated sh– ever?” – Rihanna, during her show in NOLA.

I made a decision when I turned 23 (and started making real big girl money) that I wouldn’t spend my money on material things, but on experiences. So, yeah, that’s why I paid $10 to get into King of Diamonds, and that’s why I spent money to fly to Upstate NY and ring in 2013 with some of my favorite friends. And that’s why I shelled out more than $100 to spend 4.5 hours with my best friend while we twerked our way through Rihanna’s surprisingly amazing performance last Friday in NOLA. I don’t usually go to concerts of artists I just like…it’s usually people I LOVE (hence Beyonce, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar, etc.) But Whitney wanted to go for her birthday and I made it happen.

Long story short, I had the time of my life and thought Rihanna was comfortable on stage, absolutely gorgeous, managed to stay on-key and hit her dance moves perfectly. From a PR professional’s perspective, I think world tours are not only for established fans but for fans that may be on the fence about an artist’s abilities. She can count me in as an established fan now 🙂

After the show, Whitney and I were STARVING. And of course, there’s nothing better to eat at 12:30 a.m. than Taco Bell. I know this is a food blog dedicated to food that is classy and real. Well, today (and most of the time in my life), Taco Bell is classy and real. I ordered a chalupa with chicken and Whit got a crunch wrap supreme. And I don’t know if it was the hunger thing or the late night thing, but that was the best tasting chalupa I’ve ever had. We ended the night on a great and full not.

Two things one would not consider classy became classy in my book Friday night.

Enjoy the pics and let me know…what’s your favorite Rihanna song?


Because it was a Rihanna concert, I had to dress the part. Bandana, red lipstick (Ruby Woo with the Rih Rih Woo liner, WOO!) and leather were required attire.

Whitney and I fell victim to taking "parking lot" selfies.

Whitney and I fell victim to taking “parking lot” selfies.


I smeared red lipstick all over my mouth while devouring this chalupa. Yeah…that sounded better in my head.

Whitney: What if a guy proposed to you using this? Angie: If it came with a taco, I just might accept.

Whitney: What if a guy proposed to you using this?
Angie: If it came with a taco, I just might accept.


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