Grown Woman

I have no me.

I have no excuse…trust me.

The last three months of my life have been what one would call a “roller coaster.” I saw Beyonce perform (haven’t seen her live since 2007); held my grandmother’s hand for the last time; moved into a beautiful apartment; went to Miami where I went jet skiing, watched strippers, jammed to Justin Timberlake and Jay Z in the heat; sat in my Beetle in the heat and wished it would start again, then bought a RAV4 (my other dream car) the next day.

So, in a nutshell, I grew up really quick and had fun doing it. And during that time, let me tell you, I ate well (and drank well!) Because a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll share with you some of my favorite meals, people and moments of my summer!

So, one time, Brandi, Whit and I went to Neyow's and got some chargrilled oysters. I almost lost my mind.

So, one time, Brandi, Whit and I went to Neyow’s and got some chargrilled oysters. I almost lost my mind. Miss you Brandi!


Then, there was that time this Uptown Girl ventured Downtown for a sammie that took literally TWENTY SECONDS to make. Love Jimmy John’s.


One time, we were all officially moved and Shandy made tacos for our first meal in the apartment. Jasmine (in the middle) is an honorary member of the Lady Burg Coalition.


Fun times in Miami! Don’t Whitney and I look like precious little glowworms?


This was the first meal I made in the apartment. Shrimp pasta and southern crab cakes!


Our first Saints game in the new crib and I made my Saintly Sangria!


I was a NOLA socialite Friday night at Martini Madness! This drink is called the Rosie Lee, made with gin, rose syrup, lemon juice, lychee juice, bitters and egg whites. FABULOUS!


A classic NOLA Sunday: Popeyes and Saints 🙂


And lastly, because the Saints played amazing today, we celebrated the win with snoballs!


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