That Girl is Poison


The theme of 99 percent of my nights out or afternoons brunching.

I like to drink. I’m a grown woman and I do whatever I want (you mad?). I like it so much, people know how to get me places. If you say there will be wine or an open bar, Angie there e’rr night. Now, when I drink, depending on the environment, I turn into different sides of myself. We all do so don’t judge me. Ain’t nobody got time for that. And each poison of choice affects me differently. You live and you learn (in the case of vodka).

This post, while it has nothing to do with food, is a combo of my favorite drinks, insight into the glorious life of Angie and some fun memories, for me and my friends.

I think it’s also nice to note that at this moment, I’m sipping on a glass of sauvignon blanc (shout out to Shandy Maw!) because it’s been that kind of week. 

Wine: Emotional Angie

Poison of choice: Anciano (aged 5 years)

  • calls her best friend crying about how much she misses her and loves her
  • watches Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the millionth time
  • speaks as if her heart is bleeding
  • writes the most beautifully devastating scenes in her never finished novel
  • Magical Night: Drank whole bottle of spanish red wine while home alone, Maroon and Gold 2011
  • The Morning After: headache, tear stained pillows and a wounded soul ready to take over the world again…after she showers

Any Brown Liquor: Ratchet Angie

Poison of Choice: Hennessy and Apple Juice

  • curses…a lot
  • screams instead of talking
  • twerks on walls/people/chairs/anything twerkable
  • dances to the music in her head or to any song that’s playing
  • an overall fun girl
  • flirts like never before
  • Magical Night: Cinco de Mayo 2013, 23rd Birthday, jeez the list goes on and on…look I’m a sucker for brown.
  • The Morning After: possible headache, aching thighs, text messages of pics to remind her of what happened

Vodka: “Lord Don’t Let Me Die/Novena Praying)” Angie

Poison of Choice: I don’t want to talk about it.

  • it ain’t pretty…so she tends to stay away from things that aren’t pretty
  • Magical Night: Mardi Gras 2012, Post-Happy Hour Jello Shots
  • The Morning After: just thanking God she woke up…

and last but not least (my favorite)…

Champagne/Sparkling Wine: Smart and Clever Angie

Poison of Choice: Domaine Ste. Michelle 

  • says prolific things in regards to just about anything
  • giggles uncontrollably
  • attempts to still act like a lady while doing the magical balancing act of holding two champagne glasses while walking in two inch heels
  • Magical Night: Cousin’s wedding reception, Brunch Madness, 2012 Gala
  • The Next Morning: definite headache, smeared makeup, fluffy and sexy hair

Side note: Check out this article about champagne making you smart. Yeah, get your life. Scientists said it so it must be true.

Tell me, lovely readers, what’s your poison of choice?