AICH-TINE: The Holiday Adventure

I hope you all had a blessed and fabulous Christmas!

This past weekend, I took the Megabus for the first time to Houston to visit my grandmother for Christmas. I was being cheap and figured it would be nice to try out. Little did I know, I was about to get on the bus from hell. Everything was all good until we left Louisiana (I always said, nothing good happens outside of Louisiana.) Two sisters, one who happened to be sitting right next to me, were drinking gin (gross as hell) and were drunk and fighting with each other. Here I was, an innocent lady jamming to Kendrick Lamar and napping at the same damn time, and now I was about to be in the middle of a heated argument (verbal and thisclose to being physical) over absolutely nothing. I mean, these grown women (in their 50s!!!!) were in each other’s faces and I swear I haven’t heard the F-word so many times in one setting. They basically ruined the trip for all of us on the bus. I just couldn’t believe they were acting like asses and there were so many kids on the bus, it was embarrassing. Anyways, I eventually arrived in Houston or “aich-tine” as my two favorite Houston gals say. One of my favorite uncles who lives in Houston picked me up and I really didn’t care where we went, I just wanted to get far away from that bus and Frick and Frack.

He took me El Pueblito, a Latin American/Caribbean/Mexican restaurant in the Montrose area of Houston, about 45 minutes away from our final destination in Spring, TX. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Mexican food. I love Taco Bell but that is like the plankton of Mexican food. And we all know about my love for Chipotle! But El Pueblito was beyond my expectations! The waiter offered me a margarita and I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough. The margarita was a standard ‘rita with top shelf Tequila and a bit of blue Curaçao for color (which I absolutely love!) For the meal, I had the Texas burrito with beef fajita, sour cream, fresh avocados, pico de gallo, lettuce and perfectly spiced salsa. My uncle had the Caribbean Snapper with black beans, rice, fried plantains and sour cream. When he worked downtown, this was his regular lunch spot so he knew just how awesome this place was.

Anytime I go to Houston, I always end up eating at Cracker Barrel, Shipley’s, Jack in the Box and What-a-burger– only because I lived there for a month following Katrina and ate my way through depression (another story for another cocktail.) So, I appreciate their food (even though I despise that place!) and all that it has to offer. Check out the photos below of my Houston Holiday Adventure!


Happy Holidays,


Cool girl on the bus.

Cool girl on the bus.


How I felt when those women next to me started fighting.

How I felt when those women next to me started fighting.


My Texas Burrito!

My Texas Burrito!


Oh, I forgot to mention, I cut my hand on the bus and had to ask the driver for a bandaid. Le sigh.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I cut my hand on the bus and had to ask the driver for a bandaid. Le sigh.


Margarita time! It was well deserved.

Margarita time! It was well deserved.


Best doughnut place on earth!

Best doughnut place on earth!


At least I got to see just how beautiful the south really is :)

At least I got to see just how beautiful the south really is 🙂






James Brown Takes a Tumble

“You know we had to bedazzle you!” Shonda, our waitress at IHOP squealed at 1:30 a.m. She was referring to the new syrup containers on the table. At this point in the night, I didn’t give two sh**s about the syrup containers, I was so hungry that I could have eaten the syrup right out the thing. Here’s how we got to this moment.

We had plans to go to the LU/XULA game because 1. Jasmine was playing. 2. Shandy went to XU. 3 We all wanted to check out XU’s new convocation center, which by the way, is simply beautiful. Go ‘head on, Norman! Then after the game, Chipotle TIME!!!! I dashed from a health screening and made it to the game a few minutes after tip-off. Everything was going well until things weren’t going well. 3 minutes or so left in the game and something happens near the rim that makes my heart stop for a moment. All of a sudden, I see Jasmine go down and she’s not getting up as fast as she used to. Now this moment is a true definition of perception. Whitney saw her holding her knee, so she though it was a knee injury. Shandy saw her hold her hand, therefore thinking it was a hand injury. I, on the other hand, saw blood. Lots of damn blood on her face. I just kinda stared, looking and praying that her eye was still in the socket, that she wasn’t unconscious, that she would get up soon. I was legitimately scared.

She managed to get up and like the thug she is, she held her head high, got bandaged up and got BACK in the game. I swear, that girl is a G! The girl on XU’s team elbowed her in the face and we all vowed to jump her in the parking lot after the game. But we are ladies and refrained. After the game, Whitney gets a text from Jasmine asking if she can bring her to the ER. Turns out, the team’s medical staff didn’t had the right kind of gauze and she needed to get stitches. We head over to the ER, she fills out her paper and I notice that her handwriting is a bit sloppy to say the least but don’t question it. Ten or so minutes later, the nurse comes out with a paper.

“JAMES!? BROWN?! JAMES BROWN!” she screeches. I look over at Jasmine and smile.

“I think she’s calling you, James.” I whisper. We all burst out laughing, and that is just the start of the humor.

4 hours and several stitches later, we pile in Whit’s car eager for food. At this point, we were all hungry and sleepy–more hungry than sleepy though. So we head to Camellia Grill, the only place we thought would be open. We walk to the restaurant and as I see the light turned down and door locked, I wail. Like, the way Mary probably wailed when they put Jesus in the tomb; I was so hungry. My blood sugar was at an all time LOW. So on to IHOP we go.

To make a long story short, that was the best omelet and waffle meal I’ve ever had at IHOP. And our waitress, Shonda, hooked us up with some awesome, made with love Sweet Tea! We all laughed and joked and tried to make light of the crazy night we had.

This, my dears, is just the way life is. You never know what’s gonna happen.

Enjoy the pics from the adventurous life!



Jas on the big screen!

Jas on the big screen!

The battle wound!

Shonda's Sweet Tea!

Shonda’s Sweet Tea!


The Briscoe Kids!

The Briscoe Kids!


Giggles galore!

Giggles galore!


YUM! The appetizer sampler!

YUM! The appetizer sampler!


This is how I was the whole night inside. I kept my cool on the outside.

This is how I was the whole night inside. I kept my cool on the outside.




Have Mercy and Say Yeah!

Last time was the first time, like ever, that I’ve been in the House of Blues and it didn’t smell like weed. In fact, this was the first time I sat down at the HOB. Shandy came across a great deal (She’s so flipping good at finding deals) on the HOB’s Sunday Gospel Brunch. For their “Holiday Show,” the tickets for the brunch were $20 instead of the regular $40 and y’all, there are endless mimosas. And by endless, I mean, the waitress came to our section anytime our glass was half empty (or half full, look at perspective at work!) and filled us to the rim. I actually don’t know how many I had but I managed to still sing along to the  soulful-est woman in a shiny red suit ,that I told Whitney she could get for Centennial, sining “O Holy Night.”

The Gospel Brunch was HANDS DOWN, the best brunch I’ve enjoyed in this city. The food, which was an all you can eat buffet, was hot, fresh, tasty and soul satisfying. The omelete station had the hottest chef ever (he is Chris Brown’s twin brother, I swear!) and the staff member were AMAZING. The brunch had the chance to be a disaster but it was a well-oiled machine. We had to purchase tickets prior to Sunday and were given a seat. To our surprise, we were on the balcony (which is a place I’d like to be for all HOB shows from now on!) and sat at a long table with 10  other people. Everyone was so nice and cheerful and so damn organized!!! I love an organized brunch moment.

Now, on to the show! There were several gospel singers who sang mostly Christmas songs and the band was incredible! They had everyone on their feet singing and dancing and clapping. I was surprised no one caught the Holy Spirit. There were so many suits of the primary colors on that stage, it was intense. Then the percussionist kept us in tears laughing with his rain stick. Like, what about a rain stick screams “Happy Holidays?”

Needless to say, the brunch was amazing, my girls and I had a fabulous time and I was good and full for the rest of the day!

Enjoy the pics






Nothing But Net

First things first, Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my readers! This year was pretty amazing considering it was at our house this year. I helped my mom make gumbo and the roast (!!!!!) and everything came out perfect.

Thanksgiving weekend was probably one of the best weekends I’ve had since my birthday. Every day was filled with some bit of fun. Friday, I joined Shandy at her high school’s football game. I hadn’t been to a HS game in YEARS so that was so much fun! (GO COUGARS!) Then Saturday, I almost stayed home because I was in an extremely pissy mood and just wanted to eat leftover apple pie (which deserves a post by itself). Instead, I kept my promise to my girls and headed out to the Bayou Classic Fan Fest to see Kendrick Lamar perform for 25 minutes. Despite the fact that his performance was so short and had to censor himself with EVERY SONG (and if you know Kendrick Lamar, you know that is a lot of words that just don’t get said.)

The day was still young so Whitney suggested we go to Loyola for the basketball game. I haven’t been to so many basketball games at LU before in my life until I met Jasmine (my new little sister), the forward for the Wolfpack! And let me tell ya, my girl is awesome! She had 21 points in that game! As a delightful reward for winning, I treated her (and eventually everyone else) to dinner at Saucy’s.

Yes, we finally get to the point of this post. You needed to know the backstory to understand why all of this is a great experience.

We get to Saucy’s, a new BBQ restaurant on Magazine St. and I’m already in love. It’s a small spot but I can already smell the meat grilling in the back. We sat down and immediately talking about how much we collectively love BBQ and all other types of tea that just gets us laughing and saying “GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRL!!!” in a loud tone. I got beyond excited over the sweet tea (which was just as delicious as the tea Jasmine, Whitney and Shandy spilled during diner- DRAMA GALORE!)

Our food came right on time and we each got the 2 meat special with 2 sides. Jasmine and Shandy got the cajun sausage and brisket, Whitney got the shrimp sausage and chicken and I ordered the ribs and chicken. They make their own sauce, all different flavors and whatnot. The talk of the meal was the sweet potato cornbread muffins. In fact, we loved them so much, we bought EIGHTEEN of those muffins and munched on them for an hour after we ate our food. It was fun being the only group in there. We were able to be loud and sassy without anyone caring.

I’m headed back to Saucy’s soon because I absolutely love BBQ and the environment of the restaurant. Plus, they were playing Christmas music that got me all in my feelings. I’m all about that 🙂

Enjoy the photos and look for my next post on the House of Blues Gospel Brunch come Sunday! Yes lawd!




Shandy getting ready to get her grub on!!


Cajun sausage and brisket with baked beans and potato salad!


Happy Tasty Holidays!


Chicken and ribs with baked beans and potato salad!


Love the Red Stripe boxes for the homemade sauces!


Sassy Whitney!


Sassy Barq’s!


Sassy Jasmine!



Sweet potato cornbread muffins!


Chicken and shrimp sausage with mac and cheese!

My reaction to all the tea being spilled at the table.

My reaction to all the tea being spilled at dinner. It’s never a dull moment with my girls.