Golden Time of Day Part Deux

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a text that reads,

“Happy hour?!”

Texts like that at 3 p.m. are even better.

We NEVER do Happy Hour on a Monday but we had tons to celebrate! Shandy got an internship with Tales of the Cocktail and what better way to celebrate than with a…you guessed it, a cocktail! We were going to head down the street to Salu but I’ve been dying to get back to Sainte Marie for happy hour.

Restaurants are different at different times of the day. This might be something that everyone knew but whatever, I just discovered it. The first trip to Ste. Marie, I was struggling to remain cute and charming at brunch all while holding back puke from the debauchery the night before. The second trip was for lunch and it was probably one of the best lunch ever. I want brie on every sandwich I eat from now on! And the third trip was just as enjoyable.

Of course I was late because I lack the ability to navigate in downtown NOLA. I just knew there would be a crowd but with my luck, I found a great parking spot and I didn’t have to hustle for a table! The restaurant looks so beautiful at night. The tea candles floating in a glass of water really changed the feeling in the place. It’s the perfect date spot, but at that moment, it was just great to be celebrating with my homegirl Shandy!

We ordered our drinks (a Pimm’s Cup for moi, and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc for Shandy), which were half off (AWESOME!) and I ordered the shrimp angel hair pasta while Shandy ordered the crawfish,shrimp and mirliton bisque.

Our waiter, who’s name I have totally forgotten was so sweet and super patient with me, the girl who never knows what she wants to order. He made our experience even more enjoyable! Let it be known, I WILL be back!

Peep the pics below and remember, happy hour is the golden time of day so spend it well! 🙂



My delicious Pimm’s Cup! I think I love this drink because it comes with cucumbers and I always feel like I’m getting my share of veggies in a cocktail 🙂

Sauvignon Blanc!

The crawfish, shrimp and mirliton bisque!

If you know me, you know that I can never finish a meal. I always ask for a to-go box. Not tonight! That shrimp pasta didn’t know who it was dealing with! #thuglife

Probably the only thing Kim and I have in common.


Borderless Brunch

Got to give the people, give the people what they want. – The O’Jays

Several of my loyal Meals with Angie readers have been hounding me in my text messages, twitter mentions and to my face about a new post. Truth is, I’ve been so swamped with work that I haven’t had time to visit new places. But guess what? Excuses are the basis of nothing, so I’m back with a post for all my readers!

FYI, thanks to anyone who has ever read my blog, tweeted about it, FB’d it or just spread the word about it. I love you all 🙂

In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to brunch it up with my girls almost every Sunday. This Sunday was no different. After church and baby shower shopping for a co-worker, we needed some brunch and we needed it BAD. We decided to head to Santa Fe, a cute Southwestern restaurant on Esplanade for $1 mimosas and Mexican-style brunch meals. The first time I went, it was rather delightful, especially the mimosas. For a $1, you know I got my life. That brunch session was filled with conversations about post-brunch relations, teeth and a bunch of other reckless things.

Today’s brunch moment was definitely a bit more refined, considering I only had 2 mimosas. Whitney, Shandy and I grabbed a table outside because it was a miraculously beautiful day today! Mimosas in hand, we chit-chatted about last night’s festivities, drama and all that in between.

After seeing the word “crab cake” on the menu, everything stopped and I immediately ordered the crab cake, topped with roasted creole tomatoes, creamy shrimp and crawfish. It was awesome!

DISCLAIMER: I’m being a serious food blogging slacker and totally forgot what the meals were called that we ordered. Please forgive me 😦

Despite the fact that there were kids there to distract us, especially when the mom asked the girl if she wanted a mimosa, we really enjoyed ourselves! Peep the photos below and be sure to visit Santa Fe for brunch!

Also, Santa Fe has an awesome happy hour with a watermelon margarita made with real watermelon pieces. Get into it, guys.

Until next time 🙂


Whitney checking out the menu.

Shandy’s southwest biscuits and veggie potato hash!

Crab cakes, sunny side up egg, roasted creole tomatoes, shrimp and crawfish! My meal!

Our $1 mimosa!! The perfect ratio of champagne to orange juice!

Whitney’s breakfast burrito!