Pour Up…

One thing they don’t tell you when you get older is that when it comes to birthdays, it’s a toss up. It’s either epic or anti-climatic. 22? anti-climatic. 23? EPIC. Granted, this was all thanks to my friends and family who showed me more love than I could have imagined. I turned 23 on Thursday, October 18, 2012 and didn’t stop celebrating until Sunday, October 21, 2012.

So much happened between those four days. I shot a gun. Ate fried ice cream. Drank Hennessy and apple juice (mixed, of course) out the bottle. Talked about wine, God, The Roots with a charming fellow after the Hennessy.  Went to sleep at 6 a.m. Last but certainly not least, I found my new favorite brunch spot.

Sainte Marie came on my eatery radar when someone retweeted a picture of their French Onion Soup. I opened it and wanted to cry. It looked just like the FOS I devoured almost every day when I studied abroad in Paris for a month. I knew I had to go. ASAP-ish. What better time to go than my birthday?!

So, Sunday afternoon, my good-looking friends and I pranced into the empty CBD bistro and I immediately fell in love. The decor of the restaurant is mellow and apparently a man drew a grid map of the city on the walls. Rumor has it, the man never came to pick up his check. We all agreed that he was a fool. I’ll gladly take that check on his behalf.

Side note: Sainte Marie’s marketing team is awesome! They always tweet me back and engage with their audience! Follow them at @stemarienola.

Side note to the side note: Speaking of folks tweeting, with the help of my bestie and other retweeters, Lance Moore, my favorite Saints player tweeted me happy birthday!!!!!

Anyways, we get seated and at this point, I don’t even order a mimosa because the thought of liquor just made me want to puke. And like clockwork, the Saints game came on. We had such a great time. Collectively we ordered the Breakfast Po’Boy, Chicken and Waffles with Crystal Hot Sauce Syrup, Seasonal Fruit French Toast (WITH REAL FRENCH BREAD! I DIED!), and the T-bone with Eggs.

How did I know we enjoyed ourselves? When our meals came, it got really quiet except for the moments when something momentous happened in the game, especially Morgan’s TD. The staff was awesome, the food magical and the company? Perfect 🙂

Special thanks to all my friends who helped me celebrate the best year of my life so far. I got nothing but love for you!


Me and my best friend/sister on BARONNE BARONNE (in my Magnolia Shorty voice). We’ve been partners in crime and class for 16 years 🙂

My meal: French Toast with bacon!

The walls were covered with a map of the city!

The mimosa my body told me I couldn’t have

I’m in love with the design of the menu. The font is precious.

See? I’ve always been a lover of food.


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