Can I get a Refueeeeeel?

“They have dark roast Kenyan! Sounds like my kind of coffee.” Whitney said, starting the crude comments that always erupt during brunch. My girls and I gathered for a new brunch spot Sunday called Refuel. Two things about this cute as a button spot:

1. They do not serve alcohol.

2. There’s limited seating.

But to the Ladies Who Brunch: NOLA Edition crew, none of that mattered. To fix problem #1, we stopped by the daiquiri shop not too far and bought a gallon of Bellini and to solve #2, we sweet-talked the guy behind the counter and he sent word out that 5 ladies need a table! We also waited oh so patiently by hovering near a group of girls brunching for too long. It was comical and eventually got our table.

We got our table and waited for our food all the while sipping on our daiquiris. I must say, that’s how one should spend brunch.

Then the craziness started. My homegirl Keiva came in town from Houston and had us in stitches talking trash about a woman’s ridiculous hair cut, then a man who just didn’t know how to eat politely in public. We were in tears the whole meal.

Refuel was such a cute spot and I see why people crowd in there. The food is amazing, the service is always on point and it’s a super cute venue with simple coffee cups that are really big. AND it’s bottleless coffee. Refills galore!

We are on a mission to try a different brunch spot almost every weekend! So far, this comes in a close 3rd of my favorites.

Enjoy the pics and be sure to stop by Refuel!


Daiquiris before 1 p.m. Life of a NOLA Girl.


Keiva and Jasmine striking a pose in the sunlight!


Whitney reacting to the jokes happening at the table.


Brew Brew couldn’t hold her laughter in!


The Queen Diva holding down our order!


Kenyan coffee face!


Keiva looking cute while sipping!

The Big Breakfast: Applewood smoked bacon, eggs, grits and multi-grain toast!


The Breakfast Burrito: eggs, cheese, potatoes with applewood smoked bacon, wrapped in a tomato-basil tortilla.


The Baja Omelet: Fresh avocado, applewood smoked bacon and melted mixed cheese, served with ranchero sauce; grits and multi-grain toast.


We Found Love in a Chipotle Bowl

This is an excerpt from a group text message conversation from Monday.

Shandy: So I have a couple of hours to kill before this debate watch party after work…Anyone down to go to Chipotle or Boswell’s?

Carlyn: BRUH. I’m so bout that Chipotle life

I was in a meeting during this conversation but I was just too excited about this conversation. Shandy is amazing for the suggestion of Chipotle. Located on the edge of Earth better known as Elmwood, Chipotle hasn’t been open more than two weeks and already the lines are out the door. But what these simpletons that stand in line don’t know is that there’s a fancy iPhone app where you can order your food, pay and pick-up in 15 minutes or less.

The girls and I sat in Shandy’s car in the parking lot, jamming to Kendrick Lamar’s magical new album “good kid, m.A.A.d city” and gladly ordered our meals from Shandy’s handy iPhone. It was so quick and easy, I just knew there was a scam.

But lo and behold, it was a scam-free moment. Our orders were ready in 15 minutes and we walked to the counter like we owned the place. We got dirty looks from the customers waiting in line for the last hour but I flipped my hair, smiled and skipped out the door with my food.

It was a beautiful Monday evening and it just complemented our AMAZING meal! Aside from the scary ass locust that tried to send us back to Egypt with Moses and ‘nem, the overall experience was awesome. I ordered the steak bowl and it was the perfect combination of spicy and fresh. Carlyn and Shandy ordered burritos that elicited men at another table to say, “This thing is like a f****** small baby!” We died laughing, as you can imagine.

Stop by Chipotle for lunch or dinner BUT make sure you use the iPhone app. You’ll thank me later, babes.


Heaven in a bag!

At first glance, it looks basic, but baby when I tell you, it’s nothing short of fabulous.

Shandy, her fancy scarf and her fancy burrito!

Carlyn and her big ole burrito!

Pour Up…

One thing they don’t tell you when you get older is that when it comes to birthdays, it’s a toss up. It’s either epic or anti-climatic. 22? anti-climatic. 23? EPIC. Granted, this was all thanks to my friends and family who showed me more love than I could have imagined. I turned 23 on Thursday, October 18, 2012 and didn’t stop celebrating until Sunday, October 21, 2012.

So much happened between those four days. I shot a gun. Ate fried ice cream. Drank Hennessy and apple juice (mixed, of course) out the bottle. Talked about wine, God, The Roots with a charming fellow after the Hennessy.  Went to sleep at 6 a.m. Last but certainly not least, I found my new favorite brunch spot.

Sainte Marie came on my eatery radar when someone retweeted a picture of their French Onion Soup. I opened it and wanted to cry. It looked just like the FOS I devoured almost every day when I studied abroad in Paris for a month. I knew I had to go. ASAP-ish. What better time to go than my birthday?!

So, Sunday afternoon, my good-looking friends and I pranced into the empty CBD bistro and I immediately fell in love. The decor of the restaurant is mellow and apparently a man drew a grid map of the city on the walls. Rumor has it, the man never came to pick up his check. We all agreed that he was a fool. I’ll gladly take that check on his behalf.

Side note: Sainte Marie’s marketing team is awesome! They always tweet me back and engage with their audience! Follow them at @stemarienola.

Side note to the side note: Speaking of folks tweeting, with the help of my bestie and other retweeters, Lance Moore, my favorite Saints player tweeted me happy birthday!!!!!

Anyways, we get seated and at this point, I don’t even order a mimosa because the thought of liquor just made me want to puke. And like clockwork, the Saints game came on. We had such a great time. Collectively we ordered the Breakfast Po’Boy, Chicken and Waffles with Crystal Hot Sauce Syrup, Seasonal Fruit French Toast (WITH REAL FRENCH BREAD! I DIED!), and the T-bone with Eggs.

How did I know we enjoyed ourselves? When our meals came, it got really quiet except for the moments when something momentous happened in the game, especially Morgan’s TD. The staff was awesome, the food magical and the company? Perfect 🙂

Special thanks to all my friends who helped me celebrate the best year of my life so far. I got nothing but love for you!


Me and my best friend/sister on BARONNE BARONNE (in my Magnolia Shorty voice). We’ve been partners in crime and class for 16 years 🙂

My meal: French Toast with bacon!

The walls were covered with a map of the city!

The mimosa my body told me I couldn’t have

I’m in love with the design of the menu. The font is precious.

See? I’ve always been a lover of food.

Brooklyn Fondue

“The Melting Pot will change your life. You’re gonna see Iyanla in that cheese!” my friend said as we sat down for our meal at The Melting Pot. Another friend found a great Groupon deal for The Melting Pot on St. Charles Avenue and I was waaaaaaaaay too excited to go. I love going to restaurants, but I absolutely LOOOVE going to restaurants with an experience. I mean, I’ve always thought it was kinda weird that you had to cook your own food and the whole time we joked about them having a “cutter” instead of a “chef.”

Prior to our dinner, Whitney, Shandy and I went to the Ashe´ Cultural Arts Center for a screening of “Brooklyn Boheme,” a documentary about the “Brooklyn Renaissance” of black artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, etc. in the 80s and 90s in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I jumped at the event because 1. I love Ashe´ 2. I love Brooklyn and 3. I love movies about artsy folks because I am one! The movie was awesome and it got me thinking about a lot. Mostly about my own writing and how I want to move to Fort Greene so bad! Below are my three favorite movies about Brooklyn but not about Brooklyn.


My favorite movie of all time!

As if the night couldn’t get any better, we headed to The Melting Pot for our reservation. And, um, this place definitely changed my life. When we first walked it, I was amazed at how large the space was. Like, it just kept going and going and going and going. We started off with a glass of the house white wine which was delightful and fresh and two pots of cheese dip. I tore up the Fiesta cheese made with tomatoes and lots of cilantro and spice. Then we moved on to the salads. I mean, the house salad is a simple salad and maybe I was really hungry but it was the best salad I’ve had since that one from The Munch Factory. Then came the fun…and long part. We had two seasoning pots, one called the Mojo with had a sweet Caribbean vibe with fresh squeezed oranges and lemons in it. Funny story: the lemons had these cute little bonnets on them to keep the seeds from flying every where. Like, little shower caps. Of course, I giggled at them but didn’t get a photo. The other marinade was a simple garlic and onion and pepper. Thanks to our awesome waitress Rachael (shout out to my girl!!), I didn’t burn myself or eat uncooked pieces of filet mignon. She gave great instructions! The only part was a bit off-putting about the experience is that we were there for 3 hours. I felt like the cheese pots were yesterday. But it gave us time to chit-chat and laugh. That’s what restaurant experiences are all about, right?

Last but certanitly not least, dessert. Chile. I threw my head back in amazement about three times during dessert. We ordered the turtle pot—a combo of caramel and chocolate—and the bananas foster which tasted heavenly with the strawberries for dipping.

It was a great way to start my birthday week! Special thanks to Sherard who picked up the rest of the bill for dinner. He’s such a gentleman 🙂 Enjoy the pics!








Golden Time of Day

Hora de felicidad!!

About a year ago, my friends and I gathered for happy hour every Friday. And by every Friday, I mean every Friday. Sometimes it would be two of us, another time it’s 11 (trust me, it really happened and we caused a ruckus in Salu and had a ball!) Something about the moment when the clock on your computer at work turns to 5 p.m. and you can’t help but pack up your sh** and get ta steppin! The premiere happy hour spot is Salu.

Now, Salu is conveniently located 5 minutes from my office, literally down Prytania to Louisiana to Magazine. It’s a great small plates and wine spot that no one knew about until we started bringing people there. Our regular was a pitcher of sangria (pitchers were $10.) Then we got fancy and tried the mango mojito (my fave!), margaritas and the ever so lovely caipirinha—one that we can never pronounce correctly but damn it the waitress always knows! From there, started a beautiful tradition of happy hours.

We’re a traveling Happy Hour Crew these days. Enjoy the photos and be sure to stop by any of these spots for their happy hour specials!! Tell ’em Angie sent you!

Whoo chile. I’ve had some good times post-Superior Grill happy hour.

Pimm’s Cup and Red Sangria from Salu!

Shrimp Pad Thai and Lychee Martini!!



Stanning for Crab Cakes

Last night, I finally made it to The Munch Factory, a black family owned restaurant in Gentilly, nearly 10 minutes away from home. The Munch Factory has been open for a while now and I’ve been trying to get there for MONTHSSSS! Last night, I decided to do what I damn well pleased and took myself to dinner. I contemplated it because I was wearing sweatpants and knew that if I went home to change, I wouldn’t find my way back. So I sucked it up and walked in, and was greeted by the nicest waitress ever. She reminded me of my cousin’s best friend whose family was straight from the 7th Ward/Gentilly area. She didn’t stutter when I said “table for one please” and let me to a well lit table.

One thing that got my heart pumping about The Munch Factory is the fact that there’s a sweetened or unsweetened tea option. I’m as southern as they come and believe my blood type is Sweet Tea Positive. I gleefully ordered a sweet tea and perused the menu.


Crab cakes caught my eye. Y’all. I stan for crab cakes. If a restaurant has crab cakes, I order them. I especially stan for remoulade sauce. Munch Factory has a crab cake appetizer with homemade remoulade sauce and when I took my first bite, I had to muffle the moan that tried to creep out my mouth. I wasn’t going to make my dinner alone even more awkward, mkay!

I ordered my dinner and as I waited, I noticed the couple next to me playfully clanking their spoons together while sharing a bowl of bread pudding. After I rolled my eyes at the lameness of the moment, I decided I’d order bread pudding for dessert–to go and eat it in my bed with no pants on while watching Brown Sugar (my all-time favorite movie)! And that is just what I did…

Anyways, dinner came and I smiled brightly at the Buffalo Shrimp Salad with mixed greens topped with bacon, tomatoes, and large fried shrimp, then drizzled with buffalo sauce and ranch dressing. I’m a huge fan of loaded salads and this was one of the best! The buffalo sauce was spicy (obviously!) but the ranch balanced it out well!


As I’m writing this post, I check online to see the menu and guess who I see on the website? MY WAITRESS! Apparently Alexis lives a double life as the owner and wife of head chef, Jordan Ruiz. What an honor!

Check out the photos below of my meal and be sure to visit The Munch Factory! Word on the street is that they just got their liquor license so you know what that means!!!!!

Crab Cakes!

My “I just had a really good meal and/or it’s happy hour” Face.