B is for Brunch and Birthdays!

Today, I was late for brunch. I had been up since 7:30 a.m. watching movies, basking in the glow of Sunday morning and washing my dirty clothes. 11:30 came and went and I was late for the brunch I arranged for my girl Shandy’s birthday. She is my kindred spirit when it comes to brunch. WE LIVE FOR BRUNCH. Today’s lunch spot was Mondo, owned by famous NOLA chef and a very delightful woman Susan Spicer. And baby when I tell you, it was AMAZING!

We sat at a bar table because it was game day (WHO DAT!) and of course, I struggled to get on the chair. We first ordered drinks. I started with a mimosa…then Shandy ordered a White Sangria and it called my name!

Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.

We then ordered our food and it was beyond our expectations.

Pancakes a make her dance!

Shandy, Sherard, Carlyn and I ordered the Silver Dollar pancakes with Caramelized Banana Butter. The most perfect pancakes ever! I ate the entire plate, and if you know me, you know that I NEVER clean my plate. The pancakes were as fluffy as can be and the butter, while it looks overwhelming was the perfect combination of sweet and salty. We fawned over it and I declared my loyalty to them.

Then came our second dose of awesomeness! Carlyn ordered two eggs with grilled andouille and stoneground grits and I got the same but with Nueske applewood smoked bacon. But lawd! The andouille sausage was HUGE! Of course, I managed to make a crude joke. What’s brunch without a crude joke?! 🙂

See! It is big!

And now for some random pics of my really good looking friends and their meals!

My best friend Whitney and her fresh prosciutto, spinach and gruyere omelet!

Shandy and Sherard ordered the carnitas migas (eggs and pork scrambled with tortillas with avocado salsa)! So yummy! 

Boy Briscoe in his fancy bowtie and Whitney discussing something. I kinda tuned them out when my white sangria came to the table! LOL

Happy birthday Shandy!!! And it really is her birthday!

Despite the Saints losing, today was a great day! Stop by Mondo for brunch on Sundays for a happy hour special and delightful meals!



Single Girls Have to Eat Too!

Welcome to my life!

I got the ultimate shade thrown at me today during lunch. I walked to August Moon on Prytania for lunch and told the waitress I was a party of 1. She smiles and we walk into the dining area. There’s an empty table in the center by the window and a few in the corner towards the back of the restaurant. She points to the table by the window. “You want to sit here or in the corner?” She smiles down at me as if she’s sad I’m dining alone. “I’ll take this table.” I said and sat my hungry behind in front of the window to let all the Uptowners know that I will NOT let singledom bring down my damn appetite! I love eating out with friends but I really love dining by myself. I get the chance to really get into the meal and can take my time enjoying it!

So, in honor of said singledom, below is my FAVORITE spot that  I’ve visited during lunch solo dolo.

1. High Hat Cafe, 4500 Freret Street, highhatcafe.com

The Meal: Fried Chicken, Pimento Mac & Cheese, Sweet Potato Salad and Ginger Mint Lemonade.

Y’all. This meal was so good. I’m a HUGE fan of homemade fried chicken. My MeMe (best grandmother in the world, yeah) used to fry chicken when I was little and I love the freshness of it. This chicken was tender, juicy and salty in all the right places. The mac & cheese, a delight! Now, let’s discuss the sweet potato salad–which I was skeptical of at first. I love sweet potatoes. I’ve been known to eat whole sweet potatoes out the microwave. It’s that serious. Anyway, the sweet potato salad was just…amazing. It tasted like I thought it would-regular restaurant potato salad (I’ve learned there’s a difference between home PS and restaurant PS) with a sweet tinge and beautiful orange color. The lemonade was a bit weird only because me and ginger have never been friends but the mint with the lemonade created a fabulous mixture.

Check out High Hat’s Facebook page for updates on the daily specials. I also heard through the grapevine that there’s a Sunday brunch over there. In case you don’t know, I will drop anyone and anything for brunch. I’m a brunch groupie (that’s a post for another day).


Meals with Angie

I decided to start a food blog a few weeks ago when I couldn’t stop taking pictures of my meals and tweeting about them. The words I use to describe meals are pretty witty and I want to share them with the world.


I don’t cook. My grandmother thinks that is what perpetuates my singlehood (all my single ladies, put your hands up!) but I never learned how to cook and when I do cook, it looks like this…

See? I can’t cook and I’m woman enough to admit it.

Therefore, I go to restaurants, mostly new spots in New Orleans and see what they are working with because I’m clearly not working with a daggone thing.

I hope you enjoy my witty words and fabulous Instagram photos! Feel free to drop me a line about any spots you think are great!

Bon appétit (in my weird Julia Child voice)


The place where I learned how to truly eat to live and live to eat.